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FOX New Mexico – Vinaigrette

Face of Fox Elias Gallegos joins Nikki in the Builders Source kitchen to talk with Erin Wade owner of Vinaigrette a chic Santa Fe Bistro…

Seeding Tomatoes

This video is about Seeding Tomatoes

Modern General PR Event

Modern General is a wonderful new addition to the downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico scene. A contemporary take on the classic general store they offer…

Fearless Vegetable Gardening

Modern General in Santa Fe, New Mexico is launching a Sunday series of classes! Join Owner/Founder/Chef Erin Wade for the first series, "Fearless Vegetable Gardening",…

Soil Blocking

How to transplant seedlings and use a soil blocker with Erin Wade.

Sustainability Story

Vinaigrette, a sustainability story features Erin Wade, owner of the restaurant Vinaigrette, with two locations, one in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vinaigrette provides…

Modern General and Chef Erin Wade

We visited the brand new cafe Modern General in Santa Fe, New Mexico to talk with Owner and Chef Erin Wade. Ms. Wade has already…

Vinaigrette | Luna Capital

Luna Capital Holdings Client Profile: Vinaigrette