In Other Words, We Lied

One of the first things I wrote when the pandemic hit and all my restaurants were closed. I suddenly had all this time to consider all that had been going sideways for a long time. Sounds pretty agro though!

In Other Words, We Lied

Your favorite restaurant is closed. Anything open is a ghost kitchen with a skeleton crew serving takeout comfort. An industry that supports millions of Americans and flourishes on the freedom of assembly and the pursuit of happiness is shut down and may not come back. For the time being, we are all eating alone.

For American restaurants, it was an overnight collapse, which, like overnight success, was long in the making.

You didn’t notice we were hurting, because our Instagram posts were so perky. We spent hours cultivating the perfect tone and styling self-consciously messy pictures. We posted our beautiful food and our best ideas. We’ve been trying to act like we think it’s all awesome. In other words, we lied.

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